Mankind, Animal, Environment and Komipharm

Komipharm animal health department has done our best in health promotions of mankind and an animal with Komipharm family of about 130 agency nets in domestic and 36 countries over the world. Komipharm Animal Health Department has manufactured about 295 products like vaccines, antibiotics·antibacterial, nutritions, metabolic, immune boosters, vermifuge, probiotics, digestive enzymes, expectorant, hormone, skin disease, anesthetic, antipyretic-analgesics, organic acid, anticoccidial, disinfectants for being used to Livestock, aqua, pet animal according to strict KVGMP and provided the products to domestic and overseas.

Komipharm Animal Health Department have made an domestic business stabilization by agency center and progressed a growth to leading global corporation through development of constant oversea market. On the basis of excellent technology and quality, compatitive patent, We was given IR 52 Jang yong sil award, awarded “Ecellence prize” from the 7th Annual korea new growth management and appointed as INNO-BIZ (innovation business) company and promising export firm from the small & medium business administration, and recently, awarded “3 Million dollar Export”, “Presidential award”, “Industrial minster award”. As this kind of action, We, Komipharm, have acted as bio-field pioneer.